Measuring Up: Finding the perfect bra fit

Spoiler warning: Sorry fellas, but this is an important issue to address. You might need to tune out for a post, or even better, read it for some tips for your lady.

“You know that’s cause of your bra, right?”

Recently, I started experiencing a lot of back pain in my shoulders… which was weird for me. Not the back pain, that’s something I’ve been on for years, but I’ve never had it in my shoulder blades before. I was having some pain at work, when one of the med students aptly pointed out that I might be in the wrong sized bra.

Of course, being a bunch of girls in the medical field, this led to a full-blown discussion about getting measured and different styles. After a bit of chatting, my friend Dominique and I discovered we were wearing the same sized bra… as you can see below, we have different body types.

Dominique and I, before our measuring adventure!

Naturally, this created a lot of skepticism for us. So, being natural scientists, we developed and executed an experiment! We would go to 2 different stores in a mall, talk with their associates, and get measured. Here’s what we learned!

Stop one: Victoria’s Secret

Stop into any Victoria’s Secret and you’ll see an array of different bras, styles, and sizes. To begin your measuring journey, speak with any associate. The first thing we learned is that all associates are trained to measure and recommend bras.

The associate who assisted us told us that Victoria’s Secret measuring is good for Victoria’s Secrets bras… go to another store, and they may size you larger or smaller. My takeway from this is that I can’t get measured at a nice store and expect my bras to fit the same way at Kohls, a big disappointment in my book.

At Victoria’s Secret Dominique measured a 34DD (her previously measured size), while I had gone up to a 36DD.

Our next lesson in all things lingerie? No two bras are created equal. Just like finding the perfect style and fit of jeans, it’s important to find the right style of bra, not just the right size. Below are examples of different bras, and what they did and did not do well for us. As large-chested women, we both opted for full coverage.

This is a full-coverage lingerie bra… something I’ve never tried but I was happy with! It gave nice coverage & a surprising amount of support.
Dominique in a full-coverage convert-able bra. This bra was nice because it could be worn strapless or with straps, but still gave her a good amount of support.

In the end, I chose this push-up bra, that provided good coverage and support, and made my body look great! I have since worn it for 3 full workdays, and can happily report no back pain.

Stop Two: Soma

Like any good scientists, we had to check the validity of our system. This met visiting another store in our mall, Soma, which offers a higher-priced bra.

Customer service at Soma was definitely at a lower level, as the associate was unable to tell us as much about the products. She did, however, echo what the Victoria’s Secret associate said about sizing carrying over to different stores.

At Soma, Dominique’s size remained consistent, but I varied… up to a 38DDD! Given the size discrepancy described to us at Victoria’s Secret, this made some sense, but due to pricing this store was out of the options for us.

In the end, I decided on this Victoria’s Secret full coverage bra. I bought 2, and plan to go back for more, as my mysterious back/shoulder pain has completely disappeared!!

For any other athletic ladies with large-chests out there, I recommend this sports bra by Brooks. I have never had a better sports bra!

In the end, I decided on this Victoria’s Secret full coverage bra. I bought 2, and plan to go back for more, as my mysterious back/shoulder pain has completely disappeared!!

Our overall Takeaways:

  1. Be sure to get measured. Wearing the wrong sized bra can have many consequences, other than just not looking your best.
  2. Get measured by the store you plan to shop at.
  3. They’re your boobs! Love them and they’ll love you back.

Special shoutouts to my friend, Dominique Stevens, who lent her chest (and her humor) to this fun post. Much love my sister.

1 thought on “Measuring Up: Finding the perfect bra fit

  1. Love you too, boo boo! I had so much fun on this adventure with you!


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