Self Care and Sensibility

Welcome! I am a midwestern girl with a passion for self care and the sensible things in life. I have decided to start this blog for my 28th birthday present to myself! I plan to share my thoughts focused in core areas: Living well, Moving well, Eating Well, and Looking well. I hope you stay, enjoy, & come back for more.

Acadia National Park — Bar Harbor, Maine

Living Well

The miscellaneous (And so most featured) of categories. Come with me to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… self-care!

Moving Well

I love to move! I will feature workout tips & tricks, my favorite adventures in the greater Cleveland area, and ways to incorporate moving into every day life.

PC: Believe in the CLE

Eating Well

As simple as it sounds… a Place for me to share my favorite recipes & good eats

Looking Well

We all like to look our best… this section of my blog with provide fashion tips & makeup tricks… from a tomboy at heart who has learned to love something new.

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good”

–John Steinbeck

2 thoughts on “Self Care and Sensibility

  1. Hi Tessa, this is Joan, Kathy’s sister, and I saw your blog from your Aunt Charlotte’s post. I look forward to hearing about and learning from life of a midwestern 28 year old! Your topics sound interesting. Good luck and have fun!!!

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